When your work commitments mean you can’t leave the office to deliver an important document – use My Rider. This safe and convenient service can exchange items on your behalf, drop off your shoes for repair, pay minor traffic infringements and pick up your vehicle insurance documents amongst other. Relieve yourself from unnecessary stress by using our trusted driver service for those day-to-day errands.


In order to streamline the process, please read the guidelines listed below.

  1. All interaction and handing over of goods/cash can only be done at the specified rider station. The location of the rider stations will be communicated when placing a request.
  2. All requests must be placed the 24hrs in advance before the service is required. Placing a request to MyLife can be done by email, telephone or through the website.
  3. Deliveries are limited to the Greater Port Louis area (from Riche Terre through to Trianon). Any special arrangements must be made 48 hours in advance and are subject to approval.
  4. Maximum cash or goods value (to be carried) of Rs 5 000.
  5. Riders are operational every Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 18:00, excluding public holidays.
  6. Maximum package and collection sizes apply, as the scooter has a capacity limit. Please declare the size of your items when placing a request, and the MyLife agent will confirm the suitability.
  7. It is the responsibility of the colleague to disclose/provide a description (where possible) of the package/item being delivered or collected by the rider. As we will operate with the upmost caution, we are also not liable for any damages of goods/items whilst in transit.
  8. Riders cannot make use of any cards for making payments - please supply cash only.
  9. Rider cannot make ATM/cash withdrawals.
  10. The riders cannot store any goods, cash, documents or other such items. It is the responsibility of the colleague to ensure that all items are collected from the specified rider station before 18:00 daily.